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Helping people with autoimmune and digestive issues who want to heal naturally without medications, confusing restrictive diets, and routines. 

Learn how to heal naturally. James Cook Coulson, Founder of The Gut Health Hub coaches people how to help their gut, understand exactly what's going on with their body, and reverse their symptoms.

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“I had months of tests and scans, and the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. I was in a really bad physical place with pain and I couldn’t digest any food. After two years of research and trying countless supplements, I stumbled across James’ website. I gave him a call and it’s made the biggest difference. This is the best I’ve felt in two years. James really knows his stuff. I wish I’d have called him two years ago!”

Kieran Cole


Do you feel trapped in your own body? Like you can’t get on with life because your autoimmune and digestive issues rule your life? You feel you must always be within five feet of a toilet. Perhaps you can’t even leave the house because of chronic fatigue...

You may have been failed by doctors and the health care system. You’re years down the line waiting for an appointment to come through. You may have already had multiple surgeries that feel like they’ve done more harm than good.

Perhaps you're already a health-conscious individual who's just keen to keep nasty toxins and parasites out of your gut.

You wouldn’t be alone. I get it. I’ve been there.

You’re not ready to give up on yourself, or your body's capabilities. That’s why you’re here. You’ll be glad to know, your hours of scouring the internet have brought you to the right place.

“This stuff is the real deal! I've tried many other products but this is by far the best. I am already feeling more alert and have less brain fog. The beauty of this stuff is seeing the benefits from the outset. I'm very grateful to have found it.”

Michelle McFarlane


The Founder of The Gut Health Hub

Founder of The Gut Health Hub. James reclaimed his life after suffering from chronic autoimmune disease and digestive problems for five years. Not only has he reclaimed his life, but he’s also beaten his illness. Now it’s your turn. James wants to share everything he’s learned to help you live your best life.


Hello there!

It may have taken five years of searching, but I learned what was causing and triggering my health problems - I had a build-up of toxicity in my body.

Did you know that heavy metals, bacterial, candida/fungal overgrowths, parasites and toxins such as fluoride, accumulate in your body? I learnt that the body needs help to remove this build-up, and that is when I discovered this product. A premium range of herbs and herbal blends. 

This amazing food gave me my life back. I can now exercise, eat what I want, and enjoy my life again. So naturally, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others to help them on their healing journey to a better, fuller life.

It’s my pleasure to help you create a plan on how to live your best life so that you too can thrive.

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Life-changing results for those who commit


A premium range of herbs and herbal blends. Each tested to meet strict standards. Which is reflected in the price.

“My pains and IBS have subsided greatly and all but gone. Which has given me my life back. Which you may think is a little dramatic but very true. So, you could say that James and his product saved my mindset and health.”

Nathan Hendry


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